Gaslight (Part 7)

No, I’m sure this was right,” she said -- not sounding sure of that in the least. “Mostly. CREW CHIEF?” She hollered louder. Silence, nothing responded by her echo. “It’s -- two more down this way.” Serena offered. She didn’t like the feeling of being lost, the uneasy feeling stirring in the pit of her stomach. What if something happened to him? What if they were lost forever? What if they were left? The crew chief wouldn’t let that happen. He was crew. He’d sooner die than leave his people somewhere, marooned.

Patch sighed in resignation. “Alright, kid.” he agreed, drained now of the confidence he had in her navigation skills just a few moments ago. He thought about the size of the station on approach. “I mean, if we just stick to the main corridors, we’re bound to run into him, right?” The old man tried to sound reassuring but he was increasingly worried how bad this was going to look. The Lieutenant was already angry with him over the food supply situation, he didn’t want to add flighty or incompetent to the list of gripes she’d surely have with him if they took too long.

The lights turned off, throwing the pair in darkness. The fluorescent light glow fading the hum they would normally make vanished, leaving the station noticeably quieter.

“Uh oh,” Serena said softly. “What do you think happened to the lights?”

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