What is and what should never be

And here it was again, the emptiness of space. The calm before the inevitable storm, whose dust up the nun-turned-medic would surely be called to dispel. Tonight, Lyen found herself seated at the stool she'd seen Dorian perched on more times than she could count. And just like him, her hands rested idly on the keyboard whose keys were shined from use. She could almost hear his molasses sweet Heran accent, but when she turned the empty leather chair stood resolute against the phantoms.

With no gentle Serena there to demand more tapping like Mistah Doctah Adluh, Lyen found herself rooted to the spot. It was in these quiet evenings where she found her mind tracing Marisol's absent form, the curve of her cheek, the brightness in her eyes. It was enough to choke her breath. They had so much promise ahead of them; the nun had made up her mind to stoke the fire which had smoldered between them only to find the subject of her desire in the wind and a hand-scrawled note left behind. What hurt most of all was the thought of whether or not Marisol would have left if Lyen had only confessed her heart's desire sooner... Now she would never know.

Her hands were gripping the keys at her station, leaving a string of unintelligible nonsense appended to the file of Marisol, whose medical data had materialized on her screen as of its own volition. The nun's eyes swam over Dorian's notes, the radioactive material which had burned the mechanic's skin, the laceration on her head at the hands of a passenger. She had to pause and look away.

By coincidence her eyes fell on the secure medical cabinet to her right, whose fluorescent lights shone through the myriad bottles and tinctures in their dwindling supply. Each labeled bottle held some cure in its contents, but she knew exactly which one held the cure for what ailed her. Her tongue tasted like pennies as she let her mind's eye follow the projected path before her, alone in the medbay.

It was then that Daisy let out a string of barks from the cargo bay--enough for her to gather her wits about her. As she stood, Ly felt her neck slick with sweat. Shaking her head, the medic put the infirmary behind her and sought out a cup of tea before turning in for the night.

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