A Proposal Pt.1

After the "stellar" dinner provided by the new chef, Lawrence was once more left with a weak gut. Whoever taught that man to cook was clearly a masochist..... or maybe a sadist.
Wandering the maze of halls once his bowels allowed it, Lawrence wondered if he should find another transport when his peripheral vision caught movement. Following it out of curiosity, he saw Lyen making her way back to the medical bay.
As always, the Verse shows its Chosen an opportunity.
Since the recent raid, Lawrence had been plotting a way to get into the current medic's good graces. This seemed to be his best chance. Brushing any debris from his jacket and smoothing his hair back, Lawrence approached with a kind and humble appearance.

"Ms. Lyen, was it? I hope you do not mind my intrusion on your evening but I have been hoping to make your acquaintance for quite some time. More to the point, I was wondering if I could lend my aid in your infirmary?"

Hearing the man’s voice startled the medic from her ghostly visitation. In truth, warm tea had done little to settle her nerves, and still she found herself drawn to gaze at the bottle of the thing that had soothed her those ten years hence. Now, though, she discovered herself in the company of Lawrence, the passenger with whom she’d conversed in brief atop the Veil herself. Drawing an errant tendril of hair from her face, she turned to the doctor.

“Wǎnshàng hǎo, yīshēng (good evening doctor),” the nun bowed her head slightly to Lawrence before meeting his eyes following his request.
“Is it that obvious that I require assistance?” Her eyes traced upward following the medbay’s threshold. This place which had held such promise to busy her hands in the aid of others was proving a feat to master. She swallowed before returning her gaze to his.

An apologetic smile followed a chuckle, Lawrence bowing lightly in return to her greeting.
"Please forgive me, that is not what I had meant. I had simply wished to be of more aid to the ship."
He noted her agitation, from the nervous glances to the subtle signs of poor rest. Something had gone wrong recently and it weighed heavily on Lyen's mind from what he could tell. He just needed to find out what it was and how he could use it.
"With conditions being more strained after the terrifying ransacking of this vessel, it had occurred to me that I should do more to "carry my weight" other than simply paying the captain for transport."
Looking to the medbay, Lawrence decided to try and move her away from it. Being close to it when talking might agitate her more.
“Could I possibly interest you in talking further about this in the lounge? I am of the opinion that the seating there would be far more comfortable.”

Steeling herself, Lyen forced a smile and a nod. “Please,” she said, motioning to two mirrored armchairs. How she wished Dorian would hand her a glass of something strong; something to burn. After Lawrence graciously acquiesced and seated himself, Ly took the chair opposite to him, smoothing her robe with outstretched fingers. “Really, there’s no need for you to carry your weight. I’m sure that Captain Thorne would agree.” In fact, she thought Riley wouldn’t like passengers interfering in crew matters in the least. “I’m sure she would say something to the effect of your coin being thanks enough and please stay out of the medbay unless you require medical assistance…” Lyen reclined in her seat with a subtle smile, pleased with her channeling of Lt. Riley Thorne. But the crinkled brow and earnest eyes of the man in front of her reflected just in how much of a state she must appear. She bit her lip in contemplation.

“If the captain were willing to accept help, what sort did you have in mind?”

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