A Proposal Pt.3

This straightforward response brought a genuine pause to Lawrence. No sentimental chord had been struck, but rather a deep fascination that was slowly building.
“Those that sacrifice all they are, body and soul, for others have always brought deep respect from me, but if you let yourself wither within, it may begin to manifest in your treatment of others.”
He quickly waved away his desire to delve further, giving an apologetic smile to Lyen.
“Forgive me, I swore I wouldn’t turn this into a session and yet already I am rambling. As a professional, I do recommend some form of therapy. As someone that I hope you can someday consider a friend, I want you to know that my door is open as long as I don’t have a client.”
This time the look of sincerity was genuine. If he could get Lyen to be his foot in the door, it would be a dream compared to having the Siren run around his office and asking all of those pestering questions and spouting all of the nonsense about aardvarks and ducks!
“You do not need to answer, I just want the offer out there. As for my offer to aid you and your medbay, I can wait for an answer.”

“Nǐ dāngrán shì duì de (you’re right of course), but I have supports,” her mind drifted to Dorian, the paragon of the medbay, and to Marisol her paramour: both gone. Yeva, even, her comrade in arms was on another ship sailing through the Verse right now. Lyen’s brow pulled down as she considered the offer from a man much her younger. Even an appeal for friendship. She may have perhaps been more skeptical, but in this time of need, friends were a commodity.

A small smile claimed the corners of her mouth; she was exhausted. “I’ll thoroughly consider your offers, and I hope to have an answer to both for you soon.” Her head tilted to one side, “As for now I can hear my bunk calling my name.” She rose from her chair and gave Lawrence a short bow. “Amituofo Lawrence,” she said, as she bid her farewell.

Lyen’s conclusion to their chat left Lawrence hopeful. He did not expect to strike her emotional nerve with his offer, but the way she looked as she stood to go told him everything.
The door had been nudged open.
With his concentration relaxed for the first time since sitting down, a yawn announced his body's growing fatigue and he stood to follow Lyen out of the room.
“Thank you for this evening Ms. Lyen, Hǎohǎo xiūxí (Rest Well).”
Giving his own bow, Lawrence returned to the dark maze of corridors with a cheerful whistle.

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