Gaslight (Part 22)

“Toldja … unloading … just blinked and here I am feeling like I got kicked by a mule.” Vas said in a soft tired tone.

“An’ you wouldn’t lie.” She said, warily.

“Why would I?” He asked squinting up at who he assumed was Serena.

Serena narrowed her eyes for a moment, contemplating. “I believe you,” she whispered, mostly to herself. “Mister Kakaoski? Is there a med kit on board?”

“Couldn’t tell ya, kid. It’s my first time in this bird.” Patch replied. “But if it’d be anywhere, it’s usually stowed either behind the pilot seat,” he reached back without looking and pointed to a small cubby behind him, “or in one of the overheads.” he added, his finger pointing to the general locations of the overhead compartments.

“Don’t go …” He whispered dizzily. “... I might … sleep away.” Vas said scrunching his nose trying to put words together.

“You can’t, Crew Chief, on account of I learned something today, and I’m not ready to put your name on a tree. Stay awake with me, okay?”

He gave a lazy nod but at this point even the cold wasn’t bothering him as much. The back of his eyelids were starting to look awful interesting.

“Hey….” she said, shaking his shoulder. “Crew Chief! I think Mr. Kimonoski called Riley and she said you didn’t have permission to sleep, on account of we’re on the clock,” she tried. “So you gotta stay up.”

Vas groaned. In protest or pain it was hard to tell, most likely both. Serena's voice was a distant noise that was a lot of work to hone in on.

“Did you hear me, Crew Chief? Riley said there was orders not to sleep, and I know the real crew chief wouldn’t never break orders.”

“I’m trying …” Vas mumbled drunkenly. “... don’t be mad …”

“How we doin’ back there, kid?” Patch called back from the cockpit.

“I can’t get ‘em to stay up and the doc said that you can’t sleep after you get hit on account of you might have a conclusion and won’t wake up!” The teen cried, shaking the crew chief’s shoulder.

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