Gaslight (Part 24)

Once the shuttle came to a stop, Patch hastily ran through the power down checks and opened the rear door before shifting himself from out of the cockpit to help Serena carry the Crew Chief. “How’s he lookin’?” he asked the girl, not bothering to mask the worry in his voice.

“Bad!” she said, not bothering with an inside voice. “He’s hot and I can’t keep him awake and now he won’t even drink and it’s on me Mr. Kowalski, On account of I did this--”

“Peachier than peach fuzz.” Vas mumbled out.

Patch rested a reassuring hand on the girl’s shoulder. “Come on,” he softly encouraged, “let’s get ‘im to the Doc.”

“There had BEST be a ruttin’ good explanation,” Riley began the second the bay doors opened. “And you -- “ She looked between the three of them. ”What the hell happened?”

Drake was coming up with a first aid kit and nearly crashed into Riley. “Buddha's earlobes, you guys look like you tried to occupy the station!”

Patch’s normal happy-go-lucky demeanor was noticeably absent. “Incident on the station, Ma’am. Possible poisoning. Gas exposure.” The mechanic was crisp and clinical in his debrief. He’d dealt with his fair share of industrial accidents in his line of work. “We need to get ‘im to medbay. Grab his legs.” he instructed the two at the door. He continued as they offloaded the Crew Chief. “He had temporary memory loss, became violent and we had ta restrain ‘im. Then he started ta crash, Ma’am.”

“But not really violent!” Serena defended. “He mostly shouted stuff, you know, a lot like you do.”

“Are we in trouble?” Vas coughed, groaning from the pain.

“A lot like I --” The lieutenant shook her head, finding it best not to engage in crew shit. “Let’s get him -- all of you to the med bay. No one is in trouble, Jat. … yet.” The lieutenant replied.

“Oh … good.” He mumbled and he was carted to the infirmary.

The lieutenant looked at her disheveled, ragtag, bloodied crew, her mind still on the goods they transported. “What the hell happened on that space station….” She muttered under her breath.

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