OOC - OOC - Crew Meeting

Hey all, Real Life, Real Apologies.

So a few long time running games were recently deleted, and that got us thinking and talking about this Firefly Tale. I'd hate to see it go by the wayside, because I know a lot of people put their sweat and tears into it - hopefully not their blood but you do you.

So we're at a crossroads, meeting up with a red-eyed demon named Crowley (SPN fans? Anyone? Anyone?) and we have a few choices, so we wanted to get your input on them.

We can:

1. Continue the game as is, maybe bring in some new characters, maybe give ourselves a little time skip, or just pick up where we left off. Less big arcs, more small, character centered ones

2. Reboot - different ship. You can bring your existing character or reroll a new one, new crew, new boat, new stories to tell

3. Reroll - start with a different premise (mid-war, pre-war, future)

Mostly we wanted to get everyone's thoughts and see if there was interest in moving forward with this particular game - and either way - it's all good! You are amazing people! (We're on Hangouts and I'll remember to keep Discord Open if anyone wants to discuss off the board, for the Hangouts Averse. You know who you are!)


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