Lift Off (Part 8)

"Well I..." she stopped as the ship erupted into a shouting match that spanned the entire length of the vessel. From Captain at the helm, to engineer in the bay, voices from just about every crew member echoed in the expanse. The companion sat back and listened, watching Patch from the corner of her eye as he sat, leaning in his stool, just inches from her as his booming voice filled the engine room and spilled out into the kitchen.

She seized the moment to study the man. From the steel wearing through the toe of his boot, to the brightly colored shirt--was that a spotted macaw? Anikah chuckled inwardly. He wasn't afraid of making an impression. Even in his manner of speaking and his tone, she could tell he was seemingly fast-to-friendship, but there lie a wall there between the boisterous man and the skeptic. His blue eyes lolled as he gave her insincere smile after insincere smile.

Each time he nodded and smiled, Anikah returned a smile and nod of her own. She was invested now, leaning forward to peek down the hall. Straightening, she noticed the man's mirth and flashed a sincere smile of her own.

“See?” He noted to Anikah, “fun ship.”

"So much fun," she replied before the intercom chirped.

Jago showed a few of his cards as he brought down the hammer on the crew; it elicited a reaction from Patch which warned that perhaps the Captain was revealing his true colors in this passing threat of violence.

Once the storm had settled, the companion, who had made herself comfortable on the frame, whispered, "Is he always this articulate?"

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