Lift Off (The-part-that's-probably-the-last-one)

"You're fun," the companion echoed, a coy wink following her own finger guns back at Patch. "Somehow, I don't think the Captain is as fun as you are." Anikah paused, "Don't tell him I said that, mmm?"

To Patch's subtle redirection she raised an open palm, "Totally understand, all very serious, passengers should stay away from the blinking lights and whirring machines. Leave it to the experts." The companion smirked.

"To the galley then," she said taking a step out of the bay before rubber-banding back to sidebar: "A hammock would look great right there, you know?"

With a toothy grin Anikah bade the mechanic farewell with a faux salute before slipping out the doorway.

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