Like Silk (Part 3)

OOC: This is a JP from Blitzen and Wanderingwolf.

“Pilot ain’t much of a pilot without a ship,” he shrugged. “Jago needed a flier, I needed a job, and the rest, they say - is history. He’s a tough coot - but fair, treats his people fair and really that’s the best you can ask for out here. Every day is different, and sometimes the not knowing where it’s gonna lead you is the fun part, even if you’re not fancy. As for the pretty name of the ship, I can’t tell you where it came from. Jago’s more the type to go with Satan’s Asshole or something crass - forgive my language on it, but I’d like to think maybe at some point, someone like yourself suggested it to him and it struck him as a good idea.”

Satisfied with his answer the companion nodded. "Sounds like we're both in it for the fun part. And that Jago has a terrific sense of humor, but I won't hold that against him." She shrugged back at the pilot. "Now you've got me curious, but I have a feeling the captain won't take kindly to the sort of chat we're having now, sensible as he is."

Anikah stood lithely, still clutching Kim Tasty. "You'll look after him, won't you?" she tasked the bear before replacing him in his co-pilot chair. "That's quite enough excitement for me; it's time we fancy's were off to bed."

Just before the door, she turned to ask Tim, "Maybe take her a little smoother on lift off next time?" then disappeared through to the galley and down to her quarters.

“Smoother?” He chuckled and watched down the walkway after her, deciding it was worth the risk of being shot. “That was like silk!” He called.

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