Into the Black (pt.4)

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"If you're making tea," Jackson said, pulling out a chair, "I'd be mighty grateful for a cup. 'S a tad cold in my room and a warm drink would be welcome." He smiled at her, then turned to Vas. "You two up to much at the moment?"

“Right now? No - we made sure the cargo was good and secured, and then re-checked it once we broke atmo on account of sometimes things shift in zero g. We’re gonna check the water purification tanks and then we got some mop-up work to do make sure the ship stays clean.” She explained, setting a cup in front of him. “You know, deck stuff. You get your doctor stuff all set up, Doc?” Mostly the teen wanted to try the nickname out and gage the doc’s reaction to it.

Serena picked up Vas’s cup, washing it and her mug carefully - silently apologizing to Tim for a previous mishap which led to him now solely drinking from unbreakable tin cups. It was only fair, her brother did make the tea, whoever doesn’t cook - cleans up. And as per her ask, he even brewed a second pot for any of the newcomers to the ship.

“Can you wipe the table down for me?” She asked, without looking tossing a soapy wet dish towel his way.

Lawrence had hoped to stay in his room for the duration of the flight, both to avoid the others aboard and to guard his precious funds. Even if this "ship" offered meals, he would prefer not to see what passed for edible amongst these people.

What eventually drew him from his quarters was the sound of a woman's voice. There was an elegance to it that spoke to his higher standards. He thought back to seeing the regal figure that had boarded before him and his curiosity got the better of him.

What did she have to run from?

Closing his door quietly, he began the arduous task of meandering through the ship's halls. He had been given an extensive tour by the pigtailed loudmouth and had thankfully remembered some parts of it despite her mind-numbing talking. Coming up to the galley, he hoped that the woman would be within.

Pruning himself, he stepped through the doorway....... and was met with something soaked slapping across his face.
“What the-”

“Whoooops, sorry,” Serena apologized, stifling a giggle. “Oh, hey it’s you - buncha people were lookin’ for you ‘fore we took off.”

Removing the filthy rag, Lawrence saw pigtails looking apologetically at him. The brat that he had dealt with on Persephone sat nearby and the other male passenger had joined them. Of course there would be an audience for this debacle of an introduction.

“It is quite alright, I did enter unannounced.”

Turning towards his fellow stranger, he gave a respectful nod before addressing the group.

“I was hoping to properly introduce myself, seeing as I had left such information absent.”

Walking towards the girl who had apologized, he gave his best smile.

“Lawrence. I believe it was you that gave me the tour?”

“Serena,” the girl said pointing to herself. “I’m a deck. That’s my Onii - my brother, Vas. He’s a deck too, and that’s Jackson, he’s the ship doctor. I’m glad you’re not sick,” She said, setting a cup of tea on the table for the doctor. “And not just because I don’t want to clean up after someone who got sick. Tea?” She asked Lawrence, holding up the kettle.

Vas gave an absent wave to the passenger. Unlike Serena, he hadn’t bothered with remembering names, not with passengers at least.

The offer of tea was very welcoming. Lawrence had been on many ships that only offered booze for their passengers. It seemed this crew could have some class after all.

"Yes, tea would be very appreciated, Serena."

To the ever brooding brat he gave an equally blank wave, while he gave a much warmer greeting to the resident doctor. A very fine ally to have.

“A pleasure to meet you, I must say I admire the work of any medical professional.”

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