Into the Black (pt 6)

You know, deck stuff. You get your doctor stuff all set up, Doc?”
Jackson nodded. "Most of it, yeah. Didn't have much to set up, really." He took a long sip of the tea and smiled gratefully. "It's amazing what one can do with boiled leaf water," he commented.
Jackson watched, amused, as Serena accidentally threw a wet towel in the face of one of the guests. He nodded acknowledgement when the young girl introduced him to the pastor.
“A pleasure to meet you, I must say I admire the work of any medical professional.”
The doctor shrugged. "I don't suppose you've seen much of the medical profession up close, then," he said, a crooked half-smile cocked across his mouth. "It's only really admirable from a distance. Up close it'll be enough to make your stomach churn."
Then Jackson contentedly enjoyed the show of the various crewmates squabbling and playfully arguing (or not so playfully, in Jago's case).

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