Lockdown (Part 13)

The comm crackled to life in the hallway that now served a secondary function, that of Lawrence’s new confines.

“Now, why’d ya have ta go an’ embarrass us like that?”

It was Patch, his usual jovial attitude was replaced with something more ominous, determined, almost menacing.

“That was a cute lil trick ya pulled back there. Did ya really think you was gonna just gonna slip onta this ship an’ no one was gonna notice? No one was gonna ask no questions?”

The mechanic paused just long enough to allow the silence to get uncomfortable. “You know what happens now, don’tcha?” He taunted.

“Now...now's when we get answers. An' it's probably gonna take a while. Hours? but when I'm done with you, you can be sure a one thing...we're gonna know everything there is ta know about you, my little friend. Gonna know exactly what makes ya tick. I'm gonna crack ya slow...an’ let allll ya little secrets come spillin’ out.”

The voice fell silent.

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