Lockdown (Part 17)

Once again, an agonizing silence was the only response over the comm. It dragged on for what seemed like ages. Finally, mercifully, there was a click and a moment later a voice, but it was not the mechanic's.

"-tch." was the sound that came through the speaker. Seconds later, the comm came to life again.

"Patch." the voice said in a deadpan tone. It was Vas's. A nearly identical length of silence passed before the deckhand's voice broke the silence yet again.

"Patch" Vas's voice maintained the same deadpan tone.

There was what sounded like a fumbling with the comm controls before the old mechanic came onto the comm with a reply.

"Uhh...this is Patch."

"Your comm button's stuck again." Vas replied with the enthusiasm of a man who has been through this far more times than he care to think about.

"Wha?! Aw, motherfu-" Patch started, sounding exasperated, before the sound of a fist connecting with the comm disconntected him, the strike undoubtedly knocking the offending button back out into the off position.

A moment later, the mechanic returned on the comm speaker, his voice an unconvincing mask of calm professionalism.

"Uh, attention passengers an' crew. We appear to be experiencin' a minor malfunction with the ship's security systems. We apologize for the inconvenience an' will get ya unstuck as soon as possible. Uh...thank you for flyin' Lunar Veil."

The sound of the mechanic walking away from the comm could still be heard as he went back to berating the mystery box.

"Stupid thing! Ya made me look like a moro-" before the dodgy comm button worked itself loose once again, ending the transmission.

"And exactly how long are we gonna be stuck here?" Vas queried, the thought of enjoying noodles evaporating with each passing moment.

"And what about the ghost?!" Serena's panicked shout could be heard in the background of Vas's communication. "He won't stop until he gets his golden arm!!"

"Gāisi de!" Vas exclaimed, "I told you there ain't no ghost!" he scolded.

"Ask him!" Serena insisted.

"And Patch," Vas sighed in aggravated resignation, "could you...see about this golden arm?"

"Uhh...sure?" Patch replied, thoroughly confused. "I should be able ta get ya an ETA on gettin' ya out shortly." The big man hesitated before adding "uh and...the arm."

With that, the comms went silent again.

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