Taking Off - Pt 3

He smiled at her, but there was still a twinge of the sadness on his mind in his eyes. "You must be the Companion someone told me about," Jackson said kindly, "though I don't believe I ever caught your name. Would you like some tea? I'm brewing a fresh pot of Darjeeling."

"Guilty," she said, then raised her hand in greeting, "Anikah, and I happen to have a weakness for Darjeeling." The companion caught a glimpse of something through the man's facade. Was that sadness? Reverie? Whatever it was, the doctor appeared to be suffering a malady of the mind, and she found distraction to be the most potent remedy. After that ''shaky' takeoff, she mused--thanks Tim Casey, pilot--she could use a distraction herself.

Her long golden hair was down, parted neatly over her shoulders. A blue, ornately embroidered camisole partnered with a pair of loosely fitting cotton bell-bottom pants to create her ensemble. Sidling into a seat at the table, Anikah watched the man prepare the pot for them. "And you're the doctor, if I'm not mistaken. Jackson right?" When he looked up she smiled, "The deckhand, Serena, has a voice that carries."

The recognition in his eyes told her that the teen deckhand had made an impression on him as well. With a eurekan expression, Anikah made a mental note to hide the jarred fetal pig she'd picked up on the SkyPlex beneath her pillow. Her attentions turned back to Jackson. "So, what's on your mind doc? You may or may not know this, but I'm kinda good at picking up vibes. It's sorta my job." That, and some other stuff.

Anikah nonchalantly steepled her fingers while watching him.

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