Taking Off - Pt 5

"Just memories," he said quietly, taking a sip from his own cup. "Something within your area of expertise, actually, I believe. Someone I was attached to." He shrugged off the reverie. "We ended up parting ways for our own reasons. I don't think either of us really expected it to last to begin with." Smiling solemnly, he added: "I'm sure you understand."

"You wound me, doctor," her tone was playful as she cupped her hands around the steaming tea, "Do you imagine that I fall in love with everyone I 'attach' myself to?" She shifted in her chair, reclining with arms folded across her chest. "But you're right; I understand a thing or two about entanglements. Was she," her brow quirked, "or he, a part of your life until recently?"

"You know," the companion picked up the cup, placing it to her lips, "sometimes admitting feelings can become a form of closure. What made you think it wouldn't last?" Anikah drew her legs beneath herself as she faced Jackson. Drama, even as tired as ships passing in the night, was just enough tea for her to sip this evening.

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