Who Ya Gonna Call? (Part 1)

Serena shivered under the covers, even though it wasn’t all that cold, clutching a jar of salt to her chest as she lay in bed. Vas… or at least who she thought was Vas was still taking a shower. She had affixed a makeshift cross to the showerhead in an attempt to make holy water, lest that help.

Vas walks back to his shared room clean but rubbing a sore spot on his head. "Hey?" He whispered. "You still awake?" Vas asked gently, quieting his steps.

“No,” Serna replied, quietly unscrewing the jar. She needed something to trap the ghost in once it left Vas.

"You want a late snack and some tea?" He offered. "Nothing is more relaxing than a nice cup of tea before bed."

“I’m sleeping!” She reminded him, quickly adding “What kind of snack?”

"Almond cookies. I hate to have them all by my lonesome. Maybe I have some of the coconut tea stashed away." Vas said in an innocent voice. "Unless you're too sleepy. Or talking in your sleep to me." He said, moving to sit down on his bed while she considered.

Serena whimpered a sigh of disappointment. Almond cookies and coconut tea were her favorites. Whyyyyyyyy did the ghost have to know all of her weaknesses! “No,” she said dejectedly. “I’m sleeping.”

Vas sat on his bed hearing a loud squish and a sudden cold wetness that made him jump right back up. "What the hell!" He yelped.

Serena yelled and hopped down out of her bunk, holding the jar open in front of her brother. Empty. The beans hadn’t done the trick! “Ahhhhhhhhh….” She took a hand full of salt from the jar and flung it towards her brother. “Ahhhhhh!”

Vas stood in shock with we bean spelling pants and bed sheet he was quickly doused in salt. "AGH MY EYES!" Vas said flailing. "Cào nǐ zǔ zōng shí bā dài." He exclaimed.

Serena checked the jar, still no ghost. “Ahhhhhh!” She called, seeing his red, ghostly eyes. “In the name of Buddha!” She stood on her tip toes. “LEAVE MY BROTHER ALONE!” She called with a series of slaps, checking the jar to see if that maybe had worked.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING STOP HITTING." Vas shouted arms up defensively and was still blinded and in pain from the salt to the eyes. "What the hell is going on!" He wailed.

“It didn’t work!” Serena cried, turning to flee the room. “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” she yelled, her pigtails flying behind her as she ran down the corridor. “Ahhhhhhhhh!” She passed the doctor and the companion - heyyyyy, story idea for her writing practice, the companion and the doctor, oh, yeahhhh- and continued on. “Ahhhhhhhhhh! TIMMMMM! TIMMMM!”

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