Who Ya Gonna Call? (Part 2)

Tim, wearing only a pair of striped pajama pants opened his hatch. “What, what, whoa whoa, where’s the fire, pigtails?”

“You didn’t say there had to be fire!” Serena wailed, wishing she’d lit a candle in the room. “I did what you said. I hid beans in his bed to scare off the spirit…”

“A bean,” Tim corrected. “Some cultures think hiding a bean in the bed will scare off a ghost.

“Well, I used the whole can!” Serena sobbed. “On account a I wanted to make sure it was good and scared. And look,” she held up her empty jar. “Nothing! So I threw salt at it.”

Tim pursed his lips together and stifled a cough, nodding his head.

“And he screamed, but still nothing, look!” She held up the same empty jar.

“Well, some cultures do think that salt will oust a ghost.” Tim said, his shoulders shaking a bit, making Serena think he was just as scared as her, and rightly so.

“And then,” Serena squeaked. “I tried to slap it outta him, and look!” She shook the empty jar at him.

“Yeah, that one was on me, sort of a Hail Mary play.” Tim said with a tick of his head.

“I was supposed to say Hail Mary and not Hey Buddha!” she stomped her foot for emphasis. “Now the ghost is super, super, super mad!”

"SERENA!" Vas shouted clear across the ship.

“Which is exactly why you can’t be here, Pigtails.” Tim said, spinning her around. “Don’t worry. Tomorrow, we’ll break out the big guns."

“What am I supposed to do for tonight?” She whined.


Patch grumbled. The floor certainly wasn’t doing the old mechanic’s back any favors. He fought with the small throw blanket from his desk chair. The scratchy wool knit either covered his feet or his torso, but not both at the same time.

“Comfy?” He said to the pigtailed teen occupying his bunk. Serena sleepily nodded while finishing munching on the almond cookie he’d planned on having as a late snack. “This is the third time this week,” he groused, trying to fluff the bath towel into a better pillow.

“I know. Night, Patch,” The teen mumbled, drifting off to sleep.

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