Taking Off - Part 7

Anikah listened as Jackson detailed the circumstantial situation that prompted his relationship with this Seth. To her, it sounded like he was more invested than he was letting on. Simply recalling their time together as a matter of convenience sounded like a defense mechanism to protect from earnestly feeling a loss.

"Be that as it may," she began carefully, "Any time spent getting to know someone; to enter their confidence, facilitates a bond." She followed his lead, sipping regularly from the tea he had prepared for her. "Sometimes it takes time to get past a bond like that. Perhaps, sometimes what we're really doing is incubating the seed of it in the hopes that it will grow into something new someday." Anikah hid her mouth behind her cup.

This exercise was pricking her memory as she searched for such a bond in her own life; something akin to what she heard Jackson's non-verbals telling her about his time with this 'Seth.' A frown appeared on her lips. She had spent plenty of time growing bonds, but they were all for a purpose and a goal. Living life alongside someone, even under the pretense of 'circumstance' brought to mind an absence.

She inferred that the 'Jillian' was the name of his previous ship, being a medic of sorts, "Do you think Seth's still there, on Persephone?"

That was when the pigtailed deckhand shot like a canon through galley screaming for Tim. Anikah, brows arched in surprise, shot Jackson a look that said 'really?' and shook her head, lifting her tea to her lips. The other one, Vas, shouted through the ship in her wake.

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