Taking Off - Part 9

Anikah clicked her tongue in thought at Jackson's reply. She held her half-empty tea to her cheek, "I'll thank you for the compliment--it's not often my 'lot' get compared to captains." She smirked, still holding the warm cup to her face. "Well, I hope that you find the closure you need. It seems like this person meant a lot to you."

With that, the companion rose from the table and wound her way to the sink. Gently depositing the cup therein, she turned to Jackson. "I have to see to my next client at our destination. Thank you for the tea." Anikah offered a slight bow of her head. The medic was an interesting fellow, indeed, and though their conversation hadn't been long, it had been revealing. The thoughts of a man's heart were the underpinnings of his view on the world. Anikah now saw that Jackson was a mite lovesick, filled with regret, perhaps, for not seizing his moment with this Seth. She considered whether or not she had added an arrow to her quiver, armed with such information.

As she stepped into the walkway she added, "Goodnight doctor," and made her way to her new quarters: the shuttle.

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