Tea, Earl Grey, Hot <and spicy!> (Part 1)

Vas turned to put the kettle on the stove for tea, while Serena looked longingly after him. She missed her brother, her real brother, not this ghost version who seemed crankier than usual. Her almond eyes swung to Tim, who nodded with encouragement and made a gesture with his hand that Serena completely misinterpreted.

Gross! That’s my onni-san! The teen’s face, not designed for playing poker, conveyed her shock at the suggestion to the pilot.

Tim shook his head again and changed the gesture to clarify what he meant.

“Oh!” Serena said out loud stifling an embarrassed giggle.

The boy eyed her warily and pointedly grabbed the salt shaker from the table, dramatically placing it next to his mug on the counter. The teen sighed. She couldn’t wait for this stupid ghost to be gone.

Serena waited until his back was turned, and Tim waved her on to encourage her. Pepper, and lots of it, the more the better, that’s what he’d said when Vas wasn’t around. . “It’s used for protection and exorcism.” Serena reminded him that Vas exercised all the time, but this - he almost nearly promised - would work. One more shake, and she gave the oatmeal a good stir, as he finished up making his tea.

“Mind pouring me a cup?” Tim asked, holding out his tin mug to the punk.

“Sure no problem.” Vas said, putting down his mug and accepting Tim’s so he could fill it with a slowly dwindling pot of freshly brewed tea.

Tim nodded towards Vas’ tea when he returned to the stove. Serena quickly added a healthy helping of pepper to that also.

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