14 Carrot Gold (Part 6)

“PATCH!” Serena yelled again, heading down the steps of the cargo bay -- until she caught sight of the zombie that shambled out of the corridor. “No!... “ The teen hollered, backing up. When Vas broke the carrot, it must have escaped! And now… it had PATCH!” “ONNNNNIII!” She darted past ZombiePatch into the galley.

Patch looked puzzled as the teen zipped past him. He looked back squinting at the remaining blob in the room and shrugged. "What's up with her?"

“Don't know, don’t care.” The blob responded. The sound of disinterest indicated it was Jago who likely was trying to find a place where Serena was not.

“ONNNIII! HE WANTS HIS GOLDEN ARM!” The teen cried, hastily grabbing a jar from the counter. She quickly made the sign of the cross. “BE BLESSED!” She yelled, tossing handfuls of the salt at Zombie Patch. “I NEED A SEXY CARROT!”

Patch raised his free hand to shield his still tender eyes to protect himself from the assault as the teen peppered him with seasonings. "The hell are you TALKIN' about?!" the old man shouted back as Serena continued basting him with dry rub.

Vas stalked to the cockpit as pandemonium ensued behind him. It wasn’t till he was standing at the open door before. “YOU!” He snarled at an unsuspecting Tim., holding the broken sexy carrot like a knife.

Tim stifled a laugh, and hastily tried to close the cockpit door. “Good looking carrot you have there, Casper.”

Vas grabbed the open edge of the door as Tim tried to shut it, holding it open. “You. Slept. With. My. SERENA!” It was less an accusation and more of a statement but in either case the only thing missing as Vas grew more and more enraged was steam coming out of his nose.

“What?” Tim said back, losing the laughter in his voice. “Slept with… “ His mind raced as he placed his back against the door to brace it. Sure he’d been drunk off his ass a few times, but he’d never - “What are you talking about! She’s a kid! I didn’t sleep with your sister! Just calm down”

“I AM CALM!” Vas yelled. “THIS. IS ME CALM!” He fumed, taking a step closer. “I AM GOING TO MAKE YOU CHOKE ON THIS FLOOZY OF A CARROT!”

“The carrot was a joke!” Tim defended. “I’m telling you, I’d never sleep with your underaged sister! What is she, twelve?”

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