14 Carrot Gold (Part 8)

“I’m telling you the truth! As far as I know, Pigtails was sleeping with Patch!” Tim yelped. “Not with me. Trust me when I tell you - she is not my type!”

“Patch would not sleep with Serena you …. PERVERT! Oh now she's disposable! You CREEP! Now that you're done with her she ain’t your type!” He hollered the door now open enough for him to get an arm in and swing the carrot at him like a knife.

“I’m not done with her because I never started with her to begin with!” Tim cried back, swatting at Vas’s arm. “She’s a child!”

Patch stormed past Serena towards the cockpit. "How COULD you, Tim!!" the mechanic shouted at the two struggling for control of her cockpit door. "She's a CHILD!!"

“MY POINT EXACTLY!!” Vas shouted vindicated.

“MY POINT EXACTLY!” Tim shouted with indignity.

“Sixteen is legal on a lot of planets!” Serena called, hearing the commotion.

“Quiet you!” The three men shouted at Serena.

Jago looked at his watch and figured enough time had passed and it was time for this nonsense to end. He walked at a leisurely pace back up to the gally. He paused seeing the mess and gave Serena a sharp look. “You making a mess and wasting good coffee like that pigtails?” He asked in spite of Vas out to murder Tim or Zombe Patch lumbering around looking for his golden wrench or whatever the kid had been harping about the past few days.

“I needed Arabica beans on account of --”

“All I see is a mess. That you made and needs cleaning.” Jago interjected flatly.

“I’ll do that now, Cap,” Serena said, scurrying for a broom while confident that no ghost would possess Jago. Ever. And if one did, it might actually make him nicer.

Issue one done and next was dealing with his resident thug and figure out why he got the itch to murder his pilot. He paused as he walked by Patch. “The hell happened to you? Why are you even here? Go clean yourself up, you smell like coffee and coolant, which is not appealing at all.” He said dismissing the man.

Patch opened his mouth to defend himself but it was left hanging open when he realized the Captain had already moved on to deal with the other two. He grumbled and headed to the showers to clean himself up and, hopefully, flush out his eyes some more.

Issue two done. Jago moved on to Captain the next issue into submission.

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