Revenge is a Carrot Best Served in a Cocktail Dress and Heels ... (Part 3)

"If it makes you feel better we can make some charms and stuff. But like I said, a real ghost … you ain't gonna find them on a ship like this and the Tim told you about is silly kids stories." Vas said, shaking his head with a laugh.

“Okay.” Serena agreed, mostly confident in her Onni’s knowledge. “An’ it’ll be good to sleep in my own bunk tonight. “

“And no more listening to Tim baby ghost stories. They are clearly too much for you.” If Vas was serious or teasing it was hard to tell.

Serena’s shoulders dropped. Tim thinking she was a kid was fine, but Vas? “No more Tim baby ghost stories.”

"Good." Vas said with a nod of approval. He was glad this craziness was settled. Now it was just a matter of seeking vengeance on the damn pilot.

“I’m just glad….” She stopped mid sentence to stare at her brother’s face. “Is… that…” She pointed at a small mark an his cheek, then gasped. “How long has that been there?”

“If you say I’m possessed then I am going to tell you a real ghost story and you won’t sleep for a week straight.” Vas threatened.

“Well, we share a room, I don’t sleep, you don’t sleep.” She explained. “An’ I don’t think you’re possessed. I think a spider laid eggs in one of your pores. Tim says that’s what happens an--”

“Nope.” Vas said, cutting Serena off. “That's another baby story grown ups tell babies to scare ‘em.” He added dryly.

“I’m not a baby!” She demanded with a stomp of her foot.

“Well you believe every tall tale Tim tells you as fact what am I supposed to think?” Vas explained leaning on his broom.

“Because it’s my job to look out for you,” She reminded him. “What if they were true?”

“They're just made to be safe and just scary enough so folk who don’t know better fall for ‘em and get teased for it.” Vas explained. “Or do some silly song and dance like waving around a gussied up carrot to ward off the scary ghost.” He said with a dismissive wave.

Serena’s ears burned, and her cheeks flushed red. “So… how are we gonna get him back?”

Vas gave a predatory grin. “Oh … I got a few ideas.”

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