Welcome and Wagons (part 6)

Anikah was alone in her shuttle. Light from the world of Meadow streamed in through the fore windows as the Companion sat cross-legged on a pillow, her eyes closed. Shafts of sun light cut through the dust of her newly acquired accommodations to fall upon her porcelain cheek. Lost in meditation, she scarcely felt the warming sensation building there in the peaceful silence.

Or it would have been peaceful if it weren't for Vas screeching Tim Casey, Pilot's, name while the motley crew was doing Buddha knows what in the bay beneath her shuttle. A slit of her eyelid crept open in the direction of the door, then she detected the muffled tones of Serena beginning one of her monologues, just like she had at dinner last night about rabbits and how could anyone keep a rabbit's foot for luck knowing full well that it was a very unlucky rabbit who went and got its foot chopped off so that someone could keep it for good luck.

Her second eyelid slid open as she realized that at this stage meditation was an uphill battle. With a sigh, the Companion's gaze fell to her kimono robe-clad lap. Rising, she began to dress in loose-legged pants, a tartan sleeveless top, and a leather banded belt to fasten them together. Stepping through into the catwalk of the cargo bay proper, Anikah could see the throng of people gathered beneath her.

There appeared to be a wagon and oxen, as well as a pilot and a mechanic colored with consternation. There was a newcomer, too, the object of Serena's soliloquy. His messy brown hair stood in stark contrast to the neat trim of his beard. Beneath the former unkempt mess, Anikah could barely glimpse a glint of eagerness, if not anxiety and worry, doubled over as he was from exerting himself.

Anikah descended the steps into the bay which was abuzz with activity owing to Vas and Serena. Though they were loud, they were certainly focused on doing their best, if not perhaps out of fear of Jago. That man, Anikah thought, regarding him from afar, was in himself an interesting enigma yet to be solved.

Nearby, she noticed the medic was looking on as well, "What's this? Jago going panning for gold?" She regarded the Captain's hat, whose sloping edge complemented his prominent jawline and nodded to herself surprised at the lack of clashing fashion. Quietly, she wondered if at one time, some woman had complemented him in that style of hat.

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