Welcome and Wagons (Part 13)

"He got a wave from Seth," Serena explained in a loud whisper. "I only know that on account of I was busy eavesdropping at the time. You wanna come out and meet Charles, and... the ... newer new guy that's taking his chances talking to Captain Jago?"

She ticked her head for the companion to follow.

Anikah looked from Serena to the doctor before arching a brow. Seth, from their conversation, was that special someone she'd implored him to seek out, should his heart desire. Looked like fate had finally caught up with him. She silently congratulated herself for being such a keen instrument of fate before nodding to Serena, taking a step in her direction. A fleeting look back and a discreet wave were her farewell to the doctor.

"I love meeting new people," the Companion loud whispered back, eyeing this Charles and the other newcomer from a tilted glance. Queuing up beside Serena, Anikah took in the man from head to toe while Serena gave him orders. At her self identification as the 'crushablist' the Companion bobbed her head in accord, picturing the scene with a wry smile.

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