Welcome, Wagons, Getting to Know You (Part 10)

Their conversation was cut short by the sound of approaching hoofbeats.

Jared counted a number of armed men, all single handing their reins as they held an assortment of guns at the ready. “Ma’am,” he said to the comely host, “unless you’re armed, I suggest you head inside. Keep the little girl in as well.”

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The gang fanned out, clearing their individual fields of fire as their leader advanced to begin negotiations. From his position to the wagon’s rear, Carnes took a moment to size up not only the men, but their horses as well. All the while he remained still, his hands on the saddle horn, left atop the right, whose fingertips brushed at the nine millimeter in its’ cross draw holster. One by one, his boots slowly eased back until just the toes remained in the stirrups.

"We’re just here for what's ours, that's all. So why don't you step aside all peaceful like and no one has to get hurt?"

A typical opening offer, reinforced by the presence of a number of men all holding metal. Basic intimidation play. Having chosen his targets among the leader’s most gun-happy lieutenants, Carnes had only to wait for an outcome.

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