Welcome, Wagons, and Getting to Know You (Part 11)

Their conversation was cut short by the sound of approaching hoofbeats.

Jared counted a number of armed men, all single handing their reins as they held an assortment of guns at the ready. “Ma’am,” he said to the comely host, “unless you’re armed, I suggest you head inside. Keep the little girl in as well.”

Anikah's eyes scanned the flurry of men fanning out before them, iron drawn. At the dark stranger's admonition to go inside, the Companion stood rooted to the spot. No, she wasn't armed, but turning her back on those training them with rifles was asking for trouble. Her eye followed from one man to the next.

The group of riders seemed to focus on Jago, which meant that most of the men were looking his way. Any pistols or rifles belonging to the Lunar Veil were strapped or holstered, and too far from her reach. Mentally, she chided herself for not wearing more ruffles in which to hide her prized revolver.

For now, all she could do was look on as the Captain made his play.

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