Unwelcome Wagon Pt.3

The dreaded, but inevitable first shot rang out and Charles was glad he saw Jago to be its owner. One less body to worry about. Though as he prepared his next move, he wondered if he should be more grateful or concerned that his new boss had such a low tolerance and quick draw. He decided to take it as it came and right now, he was grateful.
As for the rest of the gang, Charles knew he had a small window to be of any use.
He had been called many things, but smart tended to be in a weird limbo towards the bottom of those. Even as he moved to leap from the wagon, there was only a small voice that wondered whether he should be doing this without any weapons.
What mattered more to him though, was that this posse was preventing him from leaving the planet. The Verse called and it would indeed take a bullet to keep him from answering.
With this rallying call bellowing in his mind, Charles eyed his nearest target and launched himself.

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