Unwelcome Wagon Part 5

With a firefight imminent and the new guy already going 'all in', Patch knew he had to throw in and do his part.

His rifle, unfortunately, was out of reach inside the bed of the wagon. The big man heaved himself halfway inside leaving his legs dangling as he strained and stretched to get his fingertips on the end of the stock as he dragged the weapon towards him.

Once it was close enough, he quickly snatched up the weapon, claiming a small silent victory as he shimmied backwards off of the tailgate till his feet were firmly planted back on the ground. He fumbled getting his gun in position and bringing it to bear on one of the surviving bandits that weren't currently in a three way wrestling match with a deckhand and a horse or slumped in the saddle with a new breathing hole. The old man noticed, apart from the current one on one scuffle, no one else had fired.

Keeping his sights on his target and trying desperately to mask the fact that he was damn near about to lā shī himself, Patch called out to Jago.

"Cap! Your call. Hold or shoot?"

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