Unwelcome Wagon Part 6

Charles sailed through the air crashing into the nearest man on a horse. He hadn't the high or velocity to clear himself over the horse but instead crashed mostly into the horse and grabbing onto the man's waist.

To his credit he did not let go and ended up dragging the man off with the horse trying to buck them both off.

Charles landed heavily with the guy crashing on top of him.

The situation quickly broke down with panicked trigger fingers and even more panic horses.

Bullets hit the wagon sending bits of wood chips in the air.

"Awe hell." Jago spat, sliding the rifle out from behind the driver seat of the wagon. What had been a show of strength and intimidation tactic had instead quickly devolved into a firefight. "Well … points to the new guy for enthusiasm." He said taking aim.

Jago glanced at Patch "Let me answer that for you …" And fired his rifle at a mounted bandit wannabe.

Bullets whizzed past Carnes as well, his horse rearing as it screamed given a bullet has grazed it's hindquarters, ruining any shot he had lined up.

Anikah stood stunned for a moment as the violence broke out around her.

"Would someone escort the damn companion out of the combat zone?" Jago shouted. If she was helping she was in the way. "Vas go help out a new deckhand before I have to hire another?"

"On it!" Vas said charging forward as Jago drew fire. Gun in one hand, dagger in the other unfortunately for him that was a lot of ground to cover with bandits, bullets and horses in the way. Vas lept smoothly up behind one bandit planting his knife in the man's neck before dismounting off the other side, dragging the dead rider down with him.

He ran to try and aid Charles but the rear horse between him and the deckhand sent Vas stumbling back and tripping the man he just killed. The dean man horse pranced around panicked, forcing Vas to roll out of its way or risk being stomped.

Patch finally fired after taking careful aim, a deep breath, aiming again and then firing! The horse screamed, stumbling and fell over pinning it's rider and nearly crushing Vas.

"Nice shot." Jago compliment.

Patch gasped in shock as he sheepishly looked at the Captain. "I uh...was aiming for the rider." He confessed as he took account of what he'd done. Just then, he had a horrifying realization. "Please don't tell the kid." He implored, thinking how Serena would never forgive him if she learned he killed a 'pony'.

“Well, this is… somethin’,” Tim grumbled, grabbing the companion and pulling her behind cover. His pistol was drawn, and he waited for a clear shot.

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