Unwelcome Wagon Part 7

Carnes struggled to control his panicking horse as she tipped over and fell. He thankfully had the good sense to let go and focus on getting his feet out of the stirrups lest she drag him wherever she wanted to go to find safety.

The roll was quick and Carnes was left on his side sprawled on the ground and his horse skittering to her feet. It could have been worse, nothing was broken but he was going to feel it later!

Tim escorted the frozen companion to safety as bullets whizzed by.

Charles found himself at a disadvantage, the breath squeezed out from the man landing on him. Worse, being on the bottom, he found himself reduced to fist fighting and wrestling the man after receiving a couple solid punches to the face.

Vas rolled back to his feet, drew his gun and fired off a shot at mounted rider who was leveling a shotgun at him. The punk's shot missed, but fortunately, so did the rider's, allowing him to duck behind a nearby horse. His cover didn’t last as the poor beast panicked and ran off from the gun fire leaving him once again exposed. The horseman leveled his shotgun once again at his quarry, but failed to notice that the punk had tossed aside the pistol, opting for a more familiar weapon, his trusty throwing knives. Vas didn't hesitate and with a flick of his wrist shot one of the blades into the man's chest.

Jago swung his rifle taking a shot at the rider but the man was determined and fired off a shot, Vas took it square in the chest and landed on the flat of his back.

“Vas? You good?” Jago called out as the remaining few retreated. He shot off some pot shots to encourage their retreat.

Vas groaned in response. “Armors dented … ow … “

“You’ll live.” Jago said walking over to check on him. He extended a hand to help him up.

“Ask me how I feel about that tomorrow … Oh hell this armor needs padding … felt every damn pellet.” Vas huffed as Jago helped him to his feet.

“Why don’t you go to the med bay and get yourself wrapped and stitched.” Jago ordered.

“Stitched?” Vas blink, jago pointed to Vas shoulder which was bleeding. “Ching wah tsao duh liou mahng! (Frog humping son of a bitch!)” He paused as Charlie and another guy continued rolling on the ground trading punches. “Should we …” The punk started.

Jago turned to watch the scene play out. “I think we can afford the two love birds sometime to hash it out. I got this, you go ahead inside.”

Patch ran up from behind the wagon, rifle at the ready as what was left of the gang scattered leaving Charles and his new best friend still struggling on the ground. The big man ran up to the two and in his toughest sounding voice, barked "Ay! Ay!!" Once the two stopped squirming, the mechanic trained his rifle on the line gang member. Mustering a tone he picked up from one of those old cortex renegade cop vids, he snarled at the gang member. "All a ya friends are gone. Ya wanna chance ta walk away from this alive…?" He tried to think of a good finisher for that line, but the moment took too long, so he finally just added "Scumbag??" to the end of it as he menaced the man with his weapon for emphasis.

Vas lost it, alternating between laughter and pained hisses holding his ribs. “OOo ow ha ooow worth it.”

Jago was doing his best to keep his face straight but it was clearly a struggle.

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