Unwelcome Wagon (Part 10)

Vas held his sore ribs as he fought down the giggles and dragged himself, wincing again, toward the med bay.

"Arrit 'nuff joking around. Get outta here before my good humor dries up. Patch, New guy, help me get the box off the wagon so we can give it a once over …" Jago said as the man scrambled and ran for his life.

“You got no right,” the man spat back, pointing an accusatory finger. “You wanna kill me, you go ahead, because there’s more like me. We won’t stop ‘til we get her back home from the likes of you.”

Jago took out his gun. "Ain't no one on my ship that don't wanna to be on it." He said coolly by pulling back the hammer. "So I suggested to high tail it before my patience runs out, I think my offer is more than generous."

Since the Cap seemed to have everything well in hand, Patch lowered his weapon, relieved the bandit didn't call his bluff. While lifting, loading and unloading weren't normally his responsibility, the old mechanic was all too happy to take Jago up on his order. All the quicker to get him out of that situation with his dignity intact. He reached out a hand to Charles to help him to his feet. "C'mon, kid. Let's get on it" he said, motioning his head towards the wagon.

“Her? Maybe we should find out what’s so ruttin’ important in that crate that they’re willing to come gunning for us. ” Tim offered, before turning to the companion. “Anikah, you’ll likely be safer on the ship.” The companion didn’t seem all that shaken by the activity, but Tim felt the need to make sure regardless. Chivalry, he told himself, is not dead - unlike they might be unless they got the hell out of Dodge.

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