Unwelcome Wagon Part 12

Jago grumbled not liking the idea they could be trafficking. "Shiong mao niao … get it in the cargo bay. Tim, get us in the air and we'll find out what the hell we're hauling."

“I’m on it!” The pilot said, hurrying his way up to the cockpit, muttering to himself about the sanity of a no-questions-asked policy.

"First days, am I right?" Patch chuckled to Charles as the two lugged the container up the ramp and back into the cargo hold. In light of the potential new wrinkle in the plan, he made sure they set it down a bit more gently than they otherwise would have. Once it was secured, the big man tested the side of his head on the top of the box, attempting to see if he could hear anything. His eyes darted around in thought as he listened intently for any sounds within.

"PATCH … "Jago snapped. "... get your head off of the box and your ass into the Engine room?!" He waved. "Or that box and your ass are going to get intimately acquainted!" The Captain threatened.

The old mechanic jumped at the Captain's bellowing, mostly for being caught, and scurried up the catwalks towards the engine room.

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