Unwelcome Wagon Part 14

Lightly chuckling at the big man's jest, Charles did his best to keep up with him as they brought the package into the bay. With the mechanic banished to his station by the Jago, Charles found himself at a loss of purpose. Shifting his duffle and glancing over it for bullet holes, he figured he needed to find out if there were sleeping places for the hands. Jago hadn't posted any kind of guard for the crate, so he also figured he had no obligation to remain near it. The thought of it being a bomb also added to this unwillingness to be near it. He decided to set off into the ship, hoping to run into his fellow hands before he was noticed by Jago and found not working.
He couldn't remember if he had been on this kind of ship before, though some parts of it seemed familiar. He did note the literal patch work throughout the ship and pondered on if todays events were the norm.
If the captain was anything to go by, then yes.
Lost in the implications of being with such an adventure drawn crew, he unconsciously guided himself to the mess hall. No matter the ship, he always seemed to find where the food could be. Charles was pleasantly surprised to find one of the hands here, the girl he had bantered with before the shootout.
"Ah, was looking for one of you guys. Is there a bunk for the hands or do I just find an empty corner to put my pack?"

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