Aftermath (Part 1)

“Ah, was looking for one of you guys. Is there a bunk for the hands or do I just find an empty corner to put my pack?" Charlie said. Serena crawled out from the chair she was ‘taking cover’ behind when all the shooting started.

“Nuh- uh, Jago doesn’t make anyone sleep on the floor,” she asserted. “First hatch on the left is where me an’ Vas bunk, but the one next to that is open. It’s a double like ours only it’s got no one else in it now, you can go ahead and put yourself there.”

She caught sight of her brother as he passed, his shirt covered in blood.

“Onni!” Serena cried, rushing after him.

Vas walked into the infirmary inspecting the wound and resulting hole in his shirt. "I'm going to need new shorts at this rate …" He sighed.

He hissed moving wrong as he struggled to get off his shirt. It was a lot harder than it seemed. The vest was stiff, his ribs protested his very existence and now his shoulder decided it was a great time to start complaining!

It was a symphony of aches!

“Onni!” Serena called again, practically flinging herself onto him for a bear hug. “Are you all right? What happened? I heard yelling and then guns, and then did you get hurt? Is Tim dead? Is Patch okay?” She spoke in rapid fire succession, her voice near an octave higher than normal.

Vas yelp falters the well intended hug, leaning him gasping givin how tender everything still was. It felt like he just got kicked by a horse … again. "Mei m -ah … ow ... please let go …" Vas whimper in a squeaky pained voice.

“Do I need to find a doctor?” She asked with concern, letting him go and taking a step back. “On account of the doctor we had left, and I didn’t even get a band-aid, so I would still go and get a new doctor anyway. Do you want me to get a doctor? I’ll go and find a doctor!”

Vas leaned on the examination table to catch his breath. He waved the sentiment away. "Naw just … need a little help taking the vest off. What was your question?" At least he didn't have to struggle with his armor now.

“I had a lot of them,” Serena admitted, standing on her tip toes to help Vas slide the protective vest off. “Is anybody dead?”

"Oh … plenty." Vas said with a crooked smile. "Just no one important." He said with a sigh of relief, with the vest off it felt like he could breathe again. "You missed all the action …" he said, seeing if any pellets decided to make a home there.

“On account of I had to make tea, and someone wouldn’t give me a gun,” she accused.

"But see what happens when you run around with guns … you get a chest full of buckshot and …" Vas paused, picking up a slender tweaser from a drawer. " … a gorram pellet in your shoulder."

Serena took the tweezers from him and climbed up on the exam table for height, settling on her knees before examining his shoulder. There was a bit of buckshot and a bit of fabric pushed into the skin, which the teen deftly plucked out, rotating the tweezers in front of Vas’ eyes to show him the damage. “Maybe I coulda shot him ‘fore he shot you,” she offered, pointing to the alcohol on the counter behind him.

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