Aftermath (Part 3)

"And you're my onlybody." He grinned digging around for something to wrap his ribs. Just in case. They ached like a wangba dan! "The only body who really gives a damn about me." He said quietly. "Besides … if you could fight, why would you keep me around?" He joked.

“Because…” She said, taking the stretchy gauze from him and climbing down. “I’m always gonna need my Onni-San.” She stretched the gauze around him by walking in a circle with him at the center. “The verse doesn’t care if you’re cute as a button.”

"Naw but it sure helps." Vas laughed but it was cut short with a hiss of pain. "This could be you." He smirked and pointed to his angry as hell ribs.

“I’d rather it be me than you,” She said, attaching the ligs to keep it pulled taut. “Do you want something like… medicine for it?”

Vas thought about and shook his head. The small stuff wasn't going to do jack and he didn't know much in regards to medicine unless it came ready go and with instructions. "With all the crazy that went down I rather keep a clear head. It only hurts when I breathe anyway." He joked trying to keep the mood light.

“No heavy lifting,” Serena scolded. “We have Charlie now, the new deck, I just got him settled, and I can take care of anything needs taking care of. You sure you don’t want me to find a doctor?”

"Naw, that's why I got you!" He said examining the hole in his shirt. "At the rate I keep stiching my clothes there going to be more stitch than cloth." Vas grumbled. "Tea … tea will make it all better." He said as if it were some kind of affirmation.

“We’ll get you a new shirt when we land,” Serena decided. “A couple of them. I’ll do the talking.”

"See?" Vas pointed out smugly folding the shirt for cleaning and darning later. "Cute as a button and just as useful."

“I believe it ‘cause you tell me true,” she agreed with a giggle. “C’mon. You get another shirt, an’ I’ll pour us some tea. You’ll be good as new in no time. And I can check and make sure Charlie is settled. Think he likes tea?"

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