Aftermath pt.4

Despite the growing soreness that made lots of places hurt, Charles could not contain a childish glee of his living arrangements. He had practically skipped the way there and even if it was fairly bare bones, he didn't care. It was all his.
Opening his bag, he made sure that he had actually packed his clothes and not just drunkenly thrown some garbage in. Wouldn't have been the first time.
Thankfully the necessary amount of underwear lay within, though he noticed a few holes that needed replaced and a few more among the shirts as well....
Speaking of holes, he wondered how Serena's brother.... she called him Oni?... was doing. He knew he had heard that term before...Wasn't there something about a demon? Perhaps it was simply a term of endearment, but now he was confusing himself.
He planned to ask, but the blood was of more concern.
Performing a final turn to take it all in, he left to find his fellows, making his way back to the kitchen in order to start from a familiar point.

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