The 'boys' are back in town

Serena didn't mind the extra responsibilities. In fact, she was sad when her time as a sitter came to an end, but Jago insisted they find out what was in the box, and they spent the better part of the next few days, weeks, it was hard to keep track of time, finding its mama. Serena’s puppy eyes were largely ignored by Vas who told her not to get attached in the first place.

"So we might want to rethink the no questions asked…” Tim quipped to Jago when they were back on the ship. “Some questions aren’t half bad.” He crunched into a crisp green apple after wiping it on his shirt.

“Usually it’s cuz they dont want the delivery guy making off with the goods not because they're trafficking anything gentunilly illegal.” Jago pointed out taking a deep sip of coffee. “That costs extra.”

“Can we visit someday?” Serena asked her onii-san.

“What? No! Why would be do that?” Vas said scrunching his nose as he made a bee line to the coffee pot. “It’s done and over and we are moving on! Hopefully towardcivilization.”

“Since when do you like civilization?” Serena giggled. “Last year we spent a whole month on the beach with no one but hermit crabs around.”

“They were the perfect neighbors! Never complained, quiet, social and adorable!” Vas said defending his statement.

“They were pinchy!” She complained, making a pinchy motion with her thumb and forefinger, giving Tim a pinch for good measure.

“Hey, oh- watch it!” The pilot complained, holding his pinched shoulder.

“See? Even Tim doesn’t like it.” Serena said to prove her point.

“Don’t blame a hermit crab being hermit crab. I’d pinch Tim too if I saw that face looming over me. Right in the nose!” Vas chuckled threatening to pinch Tims noste after passing Serena a sweet and light coffee.

“Oh yea thats what we need Serena on coffee and sugar …” Jago said dryly.

“In that case, can I have fizzy pop?” Serena asked happily, bouncing on her toes.

“It’s to late now, ain’t no one drinking that concoction.” Jago snorted.

“You don’t like the coffee I made you?” Vas asked raising an eyebrow.
“I do. It’s light and sweet and if I had to describe myself as a cup of coffee, that’s exactly what I’d say. Wanna know what kind of cupcake I’d be? I took a quiz!” She eyed Jago warily. “Or I could go to the cargo bay, make sure it’s secure and just quietly think of the kinda cupcake I’d be. “

“Dunno … how much intelligence you want me to think you have?” Jago quipped not even looking up from his data pad.

Serena grumbled and took her cup of coffee from her onii-san. “He’d be crab cake,” She said under her breath before skipping away.

“Thats not a cupcake … “ Vas said trailing after Serena.

“But it’s still true!” She called back.

“Annnnnnd the kitchen is peaceful again.” Jago with a wry smile.

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