Please, No Stains on my Reputation

With the main focus put on the crate since being hired, Charles hadn’t put much thought outside of either figuring out what it was and working his ass off as they worked to be rid of it.
With its delivery, the absence left room for more thought about the trip overall. While he wasn’t against the current plan of just moving past the events, he wasn’t to keen on having some kind of bounty on his head anywhere. Not sure if he was overthinking about it, he decided to ask anyway. No harm in wanting a clean record.
Finding the crew had become much easier, as he usually looked in the kitchen to start. Once again this was proved effective as most of the crew were still there, including Jago.
“Hey boss, I’m betting you don’t want to head back to where we got that box, but I was wondering if a trip could be made? If they put out any kind of record, since they do know my name and face, I doubt it would look good for future employment.”

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