Please, No Stains on my Reputation part 2

“Hey boss, I’m betting you don’t want to head back to where we got that box, but I was wondering if a trip could be made? If they put out any kind of record, since they do know my name and face, I doubt it would look good for future employment.”

Jago looked up from his datapad wondering if anyone actually worked on his ship. “There are seventy-five planets and one hundred forty-nine moons but you worried about one dusty out of the way town on one planet in the entire ‘Verse?” Jago asked making sure he understood the question at hand.

“You get used to it,” Tim offered with a chuckle. “Sides, everything was replaced, returned safe and sound. We’re just the courier. Would be like someone blaming the postman for delivering a cache of weed on any of the backward rocks where it’s still illegal.”

“Hence why they are backward rocks …” Jago added.

“Sides, you looking for a new job already?” Tim added. “Did the Lunar Veil offend?”

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