Please, No Stains on my Reputation part 3

“I will take that long and prolong silence as you mulling over the vastness of the ‘verse and our inconsequential place in it … while going off and doing the job you were hired to do.” Jago said making a shoo motion to the man.

“So where to next, Cap?” Tim asked. “What’s our play?”

“Santos, Old Town. Made a call for a nice simple uncomplicated cargo run.” Jago said putting down the datapad. “Could use milk run after this disaster.”

“Did we ask what kind of Cargo?” Tim needled.

“Yup.” Jago chuckled.

“Care to share?”

“Sea Urchin Balls.” Jago said draining his lukewarm coffee. “Lots of it.”

“Males only, eh?” Tim joked.

“Apparently they all got ‘em.” Jago chuckled.

“Wait, for real? I was kidding.” Tim answered. “I thought it was like… hush puppies.”

"I wasn't, high grade only last about a week and they're paying extra for a hard burn to one of them fancy luxury liners for delivery." Jago explained. "How the hell do you think Uni is anything close to Hush Puppies?"

“There’s meatballs, and rice balls, I just thought Urchin Balls… you know, like that. Who’d think an Urchin had testicles?”

"How do you think they reproduce? Wishful thinking?" Jago laughed.

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