Rules Rundown (Greenleaf )

Captain Jago Deckard looked around the bustling dock on Greenleaf, and grunted. His face wore the pained expression of a man clear out of patience, but that may have been the fault of his current counterpart. He had an athletic build for a man of his age, his squared jaw hidden behind a scraggly gray beard, which he scratched thoughtfully as he noted the time.

"I hate this ruttin' planet." He groused, his brow slick with sweat as his clothes, fatigue pants, and a black tee-shirt clung to him, damp with humidity. He already felt like they’d been there for months on end, time seemed to stand still on Greenleaf. Besides, if patience was a virtue, he was about as virtuous as a whore in church.

“You hate every ruttin’ planet,” a smaller figure with almond eyes and pigtailed hair mimicked as she hopped behind him like a rabbit. Serena may have been sixteen, legal age on a lotta planets in her own words, but due to her height and style of clothes, currently, a sweatshirt with floppy bunny ears hand sewn to the hood and a pair of cut-off shorts with sneakers, made her appear slightly younger. “Are we looking for crew? We could use more crew, “ Serena said hopefully.

“No, we’re not looking for crew. If we find crew, that’s just a bonus. We’re picking up.” Theodore Fox, one of Deckard’s regular fixers arranged the deal. Pick up. Drop off. Easy money.

“Cargo? Passengers?” the teen asked, giving her Captain a side-long glance.

“Paid upfront fare. Extract.” Jago scowled. "Go make yourself useful. Run down the list for me."

"Again?" She asked, dropping her head back dramatically.

"Again." He made a spinning motion with his finger as she tried not to roll her eyes.

Serena took an exasperated breath and ran down his list of requirements for anyone boarding the ship.

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