Captain Says

OOC: JP between Winters, Blitzen

"No robots. No unattended children. No attended children. No one under the age of 18, 'cept me on account of I’m Grandfather clocked.” Serena began in a sing-song voice.

“Grandfather claused,” Jago corrected, not bothering to go into an explanation.

“Grandfather claused,” she corrected as she checked her nails. They were perhaps a bit too short from a nervous chewing habit, but nothing at all like old man claws. Jago himself wasn’t a fan of children, while he didn’t actively dislike them, he actively disliked being around them, but Serena came as a package deal with Vas Jat, and he- the Captain noted - had come in useful more than once. The Captain liked Vas, and Serena desperately wanted the Captain to like her too, but truth be told, she probably sparked the no-kid rule addition to the list. “No one moonbrained,” she continued. “No Preachers unless they leave their preaching at the port. No 'fanciable folk' who act like they never stunk up a latrine.”

"Exceptions?" He quizzed, crossing his arms.

“Nuh-uh,” Serena said, wagging a finger. “Trick question. Captains don’t make exceptions. No fanciable folk at all on account of they give you a rash.” She flashed him a smile, which Jago pointedly did not return."No passengers 'less there's exo .. exe... special circumstances. No purple-bellied Alliance soldiers on account of they bring trouble. No one Tim slept with and or married in a drunken stupor on account of they bring more trouble."

"Anything else?

Serena’s white tennis shoe kicked at the ground as her face scrunched up into a frown. "No gorram pets," She recited sadness in her voice.

"That one's on you." Jago reminded her. "What kind of Sha Gwa don't know a polecat's just another name for a skunk?"

"This kind.” Serena jerked a thumb towards herself, her voice pitching in a way that made Jago’s skin crawl. “I still think the ship needs a kitten, please?”

“Add no whiners to the list,” Jago snapped, wondering what was taking Tim and the new charges so gorram long.

“And no whiners,” Serena repeated as her brow furrowed, mentally adding that to the list. Something always got added to the list when she was with Jago. Always.

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