“Going over rules again” Vas interrupted, adjusting a heavy pack stuffed with fresh medical supplies as he padded up the gangway.

Doc followed close behind Vas. "Could always tattoo it on her arm." The medic dryly suggested.

Serena gasped, holding her arm as she stepped behind the mohawked punk.

“No tattoos. Yet.” Vas assured.

"By the way, Cap, thanks for the advice." Doc said as she rolled the cigarillo from one side of her mouth to the other. "Taking out the mule was a good idea", she said, jutting he jaw towards Vas.

"Ya know I was talkin' about the four-wheeler, right?" The Captain enquired with a cocked eyebrow.

"What, and waste the gas?" Doc replied with a smirk.

Jago allowed a small chuckle to escape at the medic's frugality, probably the first one he'd managed all day. "This is why we're friends."

Vas side-eyed both Doc and Captain. “Is this even in my job description?”

“It is now.” Jago said with a chuckle, motioning for the punk to walk on.

“That’s how things get added to the list, Onii,” Serena told him, as she leaned her back to his. She rested her head in the space between his shoulder blades, mentally checking to see if she’d grown any since that morning. She wished she were tall like him and Jago, imagining the world to be a much more interesting place from that height.

The high-pitched whirl of a rented golf cart pricked their ears as Timothy Casey turned the corner. The cart strained beneath the weight of its occupants and their luggage, as well as the fact that Tim insisted that the accelerator touch the floor at all times.

“Room for three more?” A girl in mostly black with bright Aqua hair asked, smiling brightly as she slid out of the cart.

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