Boots in the Air

OOC: JP between Winters, Blitzen

“I found them standing on the side of the road,” Tim kidded. “Hitch-hiking. Was gonna leave ‘em stranded there, but figured what the hell.”

“Hey Brav long time no see ne?” The tall man with reddish hair waved. “Poplap, getting taller every time we see ya.” He complimented Serena as he worked to unload their bags.

“Lekker!” Serena giggled happily. I knew I was growing taller! The teen greeted Mathias with a wave. “Hiya Cyd. Heyyy Isaac.”

“While I am all for happy reunions we do have a timetable to keep so unless you like the humidity … were are dusting off in a short.” Jago said. “Or stand there and watch as we leave y’all behind. Chop Chop ladies.” He said more urgently to hurry his crew along.

“You, me, Majong! Tonight!” Vas called back as he padded inside with the Doc.
“It’s nice to see some things don’t change.” Mathias chuckled.

“C’mon,” Serena said, linking her arm through Isaac’s crooked elbow. She eyed his dozen hickeys warily. “Let’s get you squared away. We can catch up once the Lunar Veil puts her boots in the air.”

Cyd didn’t breathe a sigh of relief until the cargo bay door shut, and Tim Casey had them back in the black.

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