Familiar Faces, Going Places

OOC: JP between Winters, Blitzen

The click of lighter and the whiff of cloves crossed Cyd’s nose. “There’s always work to do.” Vas said exhaling a puff of smoke. “Want one?” He offered.

“Ja, cuz,” the girl said with a nod, helping herself to the one the punk smoked, grabbing his wrist so he held the burning cloves as she took a long inhale. Vas looked the same as always, just maybe a little more filled out, no more scrawny street rat. He had the same babyish face which was a stark contrast to the mohawked hairstyle he favored, but, Cyd noted, it worked for him. His mocha skin was a shade darker, kissed by the sun, most likely.

She exhaled. The cloves were sweet and warm, comforting as a blanket fresh pulled from the dryer. The Lunar Veil just felt like home. Even though she knew it wasn’t a long stay, it was a welcome respite to be back in their element with like-minded skollies.

“How are you guys really though, you look … stressed.” Vas prodded. Outside of the Temple there was only Serena so having an impromptu run-in with his ‘cousins’ was often a comfort. Less reason to be on guard. More reason to relax. They were as close to family as it could get.

“More stressed than the first time we met?” Cyd teased, taking the cigarette from him for another inhale of cloves. “Long job. Merch is hot, buyer backed out, baddies closing in,” Cyd confessed with a shake of her head. “But cuz, we just got back, I don’t want to waste what time I have here being negative. I’ll figure it out. How about you, all been lekker?”

Vas snorted. “It’s all good, the job ain’t easy and I know there is hardly ever anyone to talk about the nitty-gritty with. It’s been as good as it can be, it’s been more about Serena than me but that never stops them from throwing jobs my way. At least you're not in a mask and armor every time rain or shine.” The punk smiled taking in a long drag of a new clove cig.

“No,” Cyd agreed with a chuckle, “You have a point, but at least you didn’t have to share space with Mathias and Isaac." She giggled about the close quarters. "Truth be told, I’d have gone crazy without the sibs,” Cyd admitted. “Glad you two have each other. “

"Me too but seriously who would have thunk it." Vas gave a wry smile exhaling a cloud of scented smoke. "Me with an apprentice."

“Apprentice,” she repeated with a nod and a quirked eyebrow, “Noticed she calls you onii now - that’s … new. Brother, aweh?”

Vas stiffened ear ringing pink. "It was her idea … and … just happened …" The assassin fumbled. " … It's not that big of a deal …" He said trying to minimize it.

“It’s good, it’s good,” she assured him, “I don’t usually say this,” she lowered her voice and glanced in both directions, conspiring. “We adopted one of my sibs. Shhhhhh.” She pressed a finger to her lips in an exaggerated fashion, before taking another drag. “It’s like they say - family don’t start or end in blood.”

"Mathias is adopted!" Vas joked with fake astonishment. "Can't say I'm too shocked."

“The height gives him away,” Cyd teased back.

That got a laugh out of the punk. “Well, you’re on the LV now, we got your back so that's at least one worry you don’t need to carry around. You hungry? I assure it’s nothing I cooked.” Vas assured.

“I know the sibs will be, Cuz,” Cyd said, bumping her shoulder into his arm. “I’ll catch up. Something I need to take care of first.”

"Arrite don't be too long Cuz. Tea 'ell get cold otherwise." Vas said finishing his smoke before ambling back into the galley.

“I’ll be along,” she promised. “Save me a cookie, I know you baked! The whole ship smells like warm vanilla.”

"I'll get my sword." Vas joked as turn the corner. "Fend off the black holes you call siblings." To be fair, the boys were hungry creatures. He would know he was one of them

Cyd smiled and shook her head, disappearing into the closet-sized room allotted to her for the trip. What the Lunar Veil lacked in luxury, she made up for in charm and familiarity that Cyd felt welcoming. Plus, the room decidedly did not smell like cheese puffs, dagga smoke and boy. She pulled the Personal Encyclopedia (PREN) tablet from her pocket and sat down on the bed. “Let’s hope for a good signal,” she said to no one in particular as she deleted some unneeded files from her device. “And then make a call.”

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