Table Talk Part 1

OOC: JP between Winters, MK Blitzen, Yule

Serena giggled with delight, feeling behind her ears as Mathias showed her yet another coin. “How do you do that?” She asked, wide-eyed.

“Magic of course!” Mathias said with a dramatic flair and exaggerated jazz hands.

“Magic isn’t real,” She chided, checking behind her ear one more time for good measure.

“Unlike ghosts,” Tim added, helping himself to a fresh cup of coffee. Serena glared at him in response.

“If ghosts are real magic is real.” Mathias said in a reasonable tone. “Therefore if magic isn’t real then ghosts can’t be real. It is a well-known fact that ghosts run on magic.”

Tim nodded in agreement then suddenly stopped and tilted his head as if he’d heard something. Serena narrowed her eyes at both of them in disbelief but decided that she’d be sleeping that night with the light on.

Mathias put his hand up innocently. “You could just … not believe in magic.” He offered.

“Then how did you do the coin trick? Or know what card I picked? Or had the exact word I was gonna say written on your hand before I even said it?” She scowled.

“I guess you’ll have to just have to … figure that out.” Mathias said stroking a nonexistent beard.

Serena looked at the deck of cards again, then back to Mathias. “If you can really do magic, can you saw Tim in half?”

“I’m a run-of-the-mill street magician Serena, not a full blown wizard.” Mathias pointed out.

“Onni can cut Tim in half,” Serena said mischievously. “But I dunno about back together.”

“Then I can haunt the ship two places at once,” Tim teased, wiggling his backside for emphasis. Serena decided that she definitely did not want to be haunted by Tim’s butt.

Isaac popped his head in from the entranceway to the passenger quarters. "This where all the action is on this boat?" he grinned as he walked in. His python bites and sizeable circles of surrounding skin were stained with mercurochrome, making him look like the shortest giraffe. Just then, his eyes locked onto the galley cupboards and fridge. "Oh my gawd, I'm so hungry!" He hustled over to investigate. "Is anything ready?" He asked as he popped open the fridge door not waiting for a response.

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