Table Talk Part 2

OOC: JP between Winters, MK Blitzen, Yule

“There’s peanut butter and crackers,” Tim offered. “Protein paste, some freeze-dried ready-to-eat … go on and open a can of something."

Isaac's shoulders slumped and his head hung below the fridge door as he whined. "But the last ship had cake." he groused.

"This is a Firefly, not a Five-Star restaurant." Tim reminded him with a cocked eyebrow.

Isaac sighed in resignation as visions of fancy eats fluttered tantalizingly out of his reach. "Peanut butter and crackers, please," he requested, defeated.

"I guess the magic just ran out." Mathias said with a shrug.

"What bullshittery are we talking about now?" Vas asked, going to the stove to make a round of tea.

Isaac didn't have the heart to explain to Vas the delicacies he wouldn't be having again any time soon as he gave a sad nod to the pilot in thanks, gathered up his snack and brought it to the table, finding himself a seat.

Serena took a breath in and recanted the conversation. “Mathias is magic, and since magic is real, ghosts are real and he can’t saw Tim in half but you can only then you can’t put him back together and his butt would haunt me, and Isaac was hungry but not for space food ‘cept peanut butter and crackers and it looks like Doc Pritchard got a hold of him and his hickeys.”

"You remember the last time you all brought on this nonsense?" Vas said with an arched eyebrow.

"No but I am genuinely curious now …" Mathais said with a broad grin and steepled fingers.

"Well, turns out their medic *really* likes using this stingy orange stuff." Isaac answered Mathias, his mouth full of crackers and peanut butter. "She even has a special sponge on a stick that she slathers it on with!"

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