Table Talk Part 3

OOC: JP between Winters, MK Blitzen, Yule

“It’s true,” Serena agreed with a nod. “You do not wanna go to the med bay ‘less you absolutely have to on account of it’s not safe. Everything there is sharp, pinchy, or stings.”

"Not what I was talking about …" Mathais chuckled.

"Yea we long stopped wondering how you keep doing … this … " Vas said, waving at the whole of Isaac, "... to yourself."

"Let's be honest this isn't even the worst." Mathias pointed out.

For a moment Isaac considered being offended, but then simply shrugged in agreement and prepared another cracker.

“Definitely not the worst,” Cyd added, joining the party in the galley, helping herself to the cracker Isaac had just meticulously spread peanut butter on. “Did you have Doc take a look at that hand yet?” She asked Mathias, raising an eyebrow.

"The one we just finished talking about that has nothing in her place isn't sharp, pinchy, or stings?" Mathias asked innocently.

"She only amputates when absolutely necessary," Vas assured pouring hot water into his mug to let his tea brew.

“Are we sure about that, Onii?” Serena asked warily.

"No." Vas said with a shrug.

"Oooooohhhh!" Isaac turned to Mathias, his eyes widened as he hatched what he presumed was a brilliant idea. "If she has to cut off your hand, we should totally pickle it and say it's a cursed monkey's paw and sell tickets!"

Mathias turned to Cyd. "What's safe to throw at his head."

Cyd gave her twin a wry look. “What if it makes him worse?”

"Oh, we have long passed worse." Mathias chortled.

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